FYD Member, City of DeLand, FL Commissioner and Doctoral Student of Organizational Leadership Vonzelle Johnson is becoming one of our organization’s experts on working relationships between government entities and how it affects the citizenry at large.  In a recently submitted article entitled “Stewardship,”  Johnson explores the consequences of ideology preventing working relationships across party lines.  An excerpt:

The discussion presented asks public servants to think more thoroughly, systematically, and critically of their current working relationships across party lines, and the potential impact those relationships will have on current young public servants, aspiring public servants, and the general public. The discussion briefly examines the effect of ideology driven politics by reviewing 2010 Congressional roll call votes. There is a strong need for all public servants to view their service from a stewardship lens and consider longterm implications of some of their divisive politic tactics.

You can read the full article, Stewardship, by clicking on the link.

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