Apr 15 2014

FYD 2014 State Convention | May 9th-11th, 2014

Join the Florida Young Democrats at our annual State Convention and Spring Meeting from May 9th-11th, 2014!

We will have dynamic speakers, progressive programming, our annual awards, chapter leadership training, and a Democratic Straw Poll for all contested statewide races and ballot initiatives. The event will be hosted by the newly re-chartered Orange County Chapter.

The Hilton Orlando will have a block of rooms available for $109 a plus night plus tax. Resort amenities include pools, a lazy river, golf, gym facilities, a tennis court, a volleyball court, and a basketball court.

Register online

Feb 10 2014

Health Care and What to Expect in 2014

The major provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) took effect on January 1, 2014. What this means to the average individual is that applications for health insurance anywhere in the United States be no longer be determined based on medical history, and that any ongoing health issues must be covered immediately.  In Florida, business groups that applied for health insurance in the past were always able to get coverage, however individuals were medically underwritten and could be declined.  Those covered by an employer were also subject to a one-year probationary period for pre-existing medical conditions if they did not have prior insurance before joining the health plan.

Some of the other important items now mandated to health insurance include maternity, unisex premium rates, and pediatric dental. The Affordable Care Act also allows people up to the age of 26 to retain coverage on their parents insurance plans if they are unmarried. In the state of Florida, there is added coverage of up to age 30 from a law passed by the legislature in 2008.

As a consequence of the PPACA most insurance commissioners believe insurance costs will most likely rise due to much more use of health care services, and because plans must cover more than they did in the past. With rates now being the same for males and females, there is concern about making sure all young men apply and accept health insurance coverage, as their average rates will now be higher.  Most of the old plans were excellent, but they were not mandated to cover all of the items outlined by the PPACA, such as maternity and dental coverage for children. New plans also cannot have an annual out-of-pocket limit that people are responsible for of more than $6250.

The United States is the only industrialized nation that before the PPACA did not have a basic health plan for all citizens. Although costs are expected to rise in the short run, many experts believe that by having a healthier population, in the long run, those costs will stabilize.  There are many like me who believe that we have a moral obligation to make sure that everyone has the ability to receive health care regardless of their ability to pay. Part of the Affordable Care Act includes a sliding scale for people earning between 100-400% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) to receive a tax credit, which in many cases covers the entire premium for people applying for coverage. In order to receive this tax relief, the insurance must be purchased on www.healthcare.gov.  This can be done with assistance by an insurance agent. People who do not qualify for a tax break can buy at the website, directly with an insurance company, or through an insurance agent.

The Affordable Care Act also included a provision to expand Medicaid. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court struck down this provision, making it optional to the states.  Florida has not expanded Medicaid. It is an issue that the Florida legislature will discuss again this year, and one that I will be working with other legislators to help make a reality. I encourage all readers to contact members of the legislature and remind them that $50 billion in Federal funds is at stake here, and that all major business groups are in favor of this.


-Richard Stark, Florida State Representative for District 104

Feb 10 2014

State of the FYD: February 2014

In 1959, Congressman Bill Young created the Florida Federation of Young Republicans. One year later, Bill Young became the sole Republican in the State Senate. I start out with this fact because I believe it shows the sheer will power of the voice of youth. Since that time, the Republican Party has spread its influence over our state and become a dominant force in our legislature. That changes now.

Since our State Convention in June, the Florida Young Democrats have worked to increase their presence. We sent 24 delegates to the Young Democrats of America conference in San Antonio, Texas. Together we made an impact on the Special Election for Amanda Murphy for State House District 36. We have also made a major decision to place a bid for the 2015 Young Democrats National Convention for the first time in over twenty years. We are at a crucial point in Florida. Omar Khan, President of Florida Young Democrats from 2005-2007, has stepped up to become campaign manager for a state-wide Gubernatorial campaign. We have former members running for State House and State Senate. We are also working on developing a better infrastructure than ever before by expanding our committee system, creating a comprehensive endorsement process, increasing and strengthening local chapters, and coordinating our first state wide field campaign in quite some time. Our State Convention, planned for late May, is set to be one of our most dynamic in several years.

All of this momentum cannot continue without your help. Let us know what you need, tell us your thoughts on how we are doing, and be sure to tell us if you would like to get involved. Send an email to President@Flyoungdems.org with your name, your local chapter (or area if you would like to start a chapter!), and your ideas. If you want to serve on a committee, be sure to include any previous organizational experience.


-Shannon Love, President

Jan 20 2014

FYD Executive VP wins Man of the Year

Florida Young Democrats Executive Vice President Ryan Terrell received the Man of the Year award at this year’s Young Democrats of America Southeast Winter Conference.

“I’m incredibly humbled and honored to be the YDA Southeast Region’s 2013 Man of the Year. All across our region, young democrats are fighting on behalf of the rural poor, the uninsured, students, and those who have no voice under our right-wing led states. Young Democrats are ready to bring back common sense solutions to our state governments in 2014.” -Ryan Terrell

The conference was held on January 18th in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The YDA Southeast region represents Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, South Carolina, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Ryan Terrell, YDA Southeast Man of the Year

YDA Southeast Man of the Year Ryan Terrell speaking at the Regional Conference.


Other Awards Given

Program of the Year (local): Richland County Voter Registration Drive (South Carolina)

Program of the Year (State): Young Democrats of Georgia University

Chapter of the Year (Local): Birmingham Young Democrats

Chapter of the Year (State): Kentucky Young Democrats

Woman of the Year: Montica Talmadge (North Carolina)


More information at www.ydasoutheast.com

Jan 14 2014

Florida Young Democrats statement regarding the selection of Florida’s new Lieutenant Governor:

The selection of Carlos Lopez-Cantera is the latest example that this broken administration has put special interests above the people of this great state. As Dean Cannon’s enforcer, Lopez-Cantera helped force cuts to education, our natural resources, and to our state employees. We are reminded today that now more than ever we need a new direction for Florida and not the same failed policies of Rick Scott.

Dec 22 2013

Apply for the Hope Institute by January 10th!

Hope Institute 2014


The Winter 2014 Hope Institute takes place from February 26-28, 2014

Forty participants between the ages of 20 and 24 will be selected to participate in the Winter 2014 Hope Institute in Washington, DC. This national event, hosted by the Democratic National Committee, teaches a crash course on politics and professional leadership, featuring senior political officials and campaign managers. All costs, accommodations, and meals are covered for those selected.


Who can apply to be a Hope Fellow?

The ideal Hope Fellow is a young person, passionate about pursuing a career in politics and ready to enter into the political world right away. No prior political or campaign experience is necessary. FAQs


Apply Here

Oct 29 2013

Meet Amanda Murphy



Amanda Murphy, State Representative for Florida House District 36, represents the Florida House Democrats 45th seat. She won in a highly contested election by just over 300 votes. We’re excited to say that the Florida Young Democrats helped win that race by providing canvassing and phone banking. You can read about that here. Representative Murphy is a former Pasco County Young Democrat and her husband, Matthew Murphy, is a former Young Democrats of America national officer. 

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